For our first show of the new year and to kick off our second season (!), we're recapping what we learned about dating in 2015 and setting dating goals for the upcoming year. Then we're joined by It's Not You author Sara Eckel, whose book dispels 27 myths single women have thrust at them constantly. Are you too negative, too liberated, too picky, too intimidating or too desperate? Do you "not really want a relationship" or should you "have married that guy"?! Find out what Sara's learned from her studies of relationships and relationship self help books, and then stay tuned for the return of the "Online Dating Ass of the Week" awards, where we pull up some particularly sad exchanges we've had of late.

"I think the thing that most struck me was that the older the women were the more relaxed they were. They didn't take every date personally, they could enjoy the date for its own sake regardless of what happened." [29:00]

--Sara Eckel on Love Bites