On this week's episode of In the Drink, Joe is joined in the studio by Ivan Giuliani of the Terenzuola winery. At once both Tuscan and Liguria, the wines of Terenzuola reflect the duality of their terroir. The area is known as the Lunigiana – after the city of Luni, an ancient Roman colony of the second century B.C. located near the mouth of the Magra River. Today, Ivan Giuliani is at the helm of the estate. In 2007, together with his friend and fellow vigneron Marco Nicolini, he renovated the cellars at Terenzuola, and brought the total hectares under his management to 18. Also in that year, he formed a partnership with Evasio Pasini, whose family for centuries had lived and cultivated vineyards in the Riomaggiore township of the Cinque Terre. In 2012, Terenzuola bought out Pasini from the Cinque Terre project and brought the label under the umbrella of Terenzuola.