This week’s episode of Arts & Seizures features an in-studio performance by Jack Martin’s Bob Dylan Deathwatch.

A campesino is in from the country, waiting for a bus: linen pants, sandals made from a tire, a wide sombrero, a machete at his belt. Another man is also waiting, …dressed in a suit, looking at his wrist watch, muttering angrily. The campesino whips out his machete and cuts the man’s head clean off. He later told police: “He was giving me looks muy feo and finally I could not contain myself.” when the campesino misinterpreted his action, and the next thing a head rolls in the gutter, grimacing horribly and showing gold teeth.

bob dylan deathwatch

“If we’re talking about kinky, you know…Bob Dylan’s hair.” [26:35] – Jack Martin