This week on Japan Eats host Akiko Katayama interviews Kenshiro Uki of Sun Noodles for a discussion all about the production of ramen. Kenshiro talks about how the popularity of ramen has risen, particularly in New York. Ramen has become a breeding ground for creativity and expression in the food world and its popularity is growing everyday. Join Akiko and Kenshiro to learn just why ramen is such a great business to be in. This program was brought to you by the International Culinary Center.

"Ramen is comfort food, it's good and it's affordable." [9:00]

"When you're younger you like the rich broth, and then when you're older you tend to like the lighter common thing is spicy, people are always requesting spicy." [30:00]

-- Kenshiro Uki on Japan Eats