Rick Smith, owner of Sakaya, joins host Akiko Katayama in studio today for a conversation all about Sake. Rick starts the show by giving us all an education about what sake is made out of, and the complicated process of how it is brewed. Rick and Akiko discuss the changes that have occurred in the US based on sake appreciation. Just as wine is highly appreciated in the US, Rick tells us that sake appears to be on the same track. The beautiful tradition of sake production, how to drink sake properly, and the expanding industry of sake in the US, all this week on Japan Eats . This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"Beer brewing is a sequential process, one step after another, sake brewing has many steps happening at the same time in the same tank." [5:00]

"That was the ah ha moment for me, that premium sake had all the same qualities that had attracted me to wine." [11:00]

-- Rick Smith on Japan Eats