Learn about rational dietary advice through Clean Plates! Jared Koch, the founder and CEO of Clean Plates, joins Mariana Cotlear via the phone lines to talk about his company's guides to better eating. How does Clean Plates point diners towards restaurants that support their dietary needs or preferences. Tune in to hear Jared and Mariana talk about Clean Plates in the office; find out how companies are using Clean Plates' guides to ensure the health of their employees. Jared aims to promote real foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins. Find out more about Clean Plates on this HRN Community Session! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods. Thanks to Four Lincolns for today's music!

"We're trying to break the myth that eating better is some sort of sacrifice." [3:30]

"To me, what's really important in the area of nutrition is the idea of bio-individuality. The food that's best for me might not be the best food for you." [14:00]

-- Jared Koch of Clean Plates