Heritage Radio Network’s Kat Johnson attended this year’s James Beard Foundation Food Summit, aptly titled Consuming Power, where the conversation was far from simple. “The question before us in thinking about this year, is what to do with this muddle that is food,” said JBF Executive Vice President Mitchell Davis during his opening remarks. “So much has changed since last October,” he continued, referring to not only the election but also to Amazon’s game-changing purchase of Whole Foods. “But what hasn’t changed is people’s desire for access to fresh, healthful, delicious food to feed themselves, to feed their families, and to feed their friends.”


In this first section of the event, industry experts and scholars discuss the psychological mechanisms involved with our decision-making around food, belief vs. fact, the influence of culture on consumer behavior, and breaking down big data. Listen in to this inspirational conversation between, as Davis puts, “people trying to make our food system more sustainable, more wholesome, more delicious, and more equitable.”

This episode of Heritage Radio Network On Tour was generously supported by the Julia Child Foundation, which strives to continue the legacy of this culinary icon by educating and encouraging others to live well through the joys of cooking, eating and drinking well.
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