On the heels of the dinner he and Tony Mantuano threw for Andrew last week in Chicago, Spiaggia's executive chef Joe Flamm sat down for a deep-dive biographical interview. He shares it all: From his South Side childhood upbringing, to early jobs in unheralded neighborhood joints, to formative gigs working for Windy City chefs Stephanie Izzard, Art Smith, and Bill Kim, to his arrival and ascension at Spiagiga. He also details, from casting to winning, his triumphant turn on Top Chef Season 15. Here's a thought: If you like what you hear, please tell your chef-fascinated friends, subscribe to Andrew Talks to Chefs (it's free) on iTunes or Stitcher, follow us on your favorite social media platforms @ChefPodcast, and/or rate or review us on Apple's podcast store. Thanks for listening!

FlammPic - Andrew Friedman

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