On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, John Fraser takes an anthropological approach to restaurant life. Nix, his latest offering, is steps away from the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC, and aims to create a category for vegetarian cuisine that is all it’s own. Here, Fraser flexes his creative muscles to create something so satisfying, that you’ll ask for Carrots Wellington and/or Buffalo Fried Cauliflower by name, and not think of it as unfulfilling “health food”. In his early years at The French Laundry, then cooking through Paris, Fraser became aware that there is this connection of food & culture, more than the microcosm chefs often live within. Cooking doesn’t have to be under the gene of judgement anymore, and Yukon Potato Fry Bread can exist in the same space as a tandoor oven. Leading by example, Fraser only hopes the precursor that was meatless Mondays finds its place throughout the week.

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