This episode of Week in Review goes over The Real Cost of Food panel from SXSW, table-scaping with Irish flair, and tipping policy straight from the man himself, Danny Meyer. On “The Breakdown” Jack and Erin talk to Cherry Bombe’s Kerry Diamond about the upcoming female-led Jubilee Conference.

Last Great Bite

Every episode of Week In Review opens with a recap of the last great thing Jack and Erin ate, and how you can try it too.

JACK: Ramen Tatsu-ya in Austin, TX

ERIN: Green pizza at Pizza Loves Emily in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

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The Real Cost of Food panel at SXSW

Hosted by Darren Bresnitz, co-host of Snacky Tunes

With guest Alex Stupak of Empellon and Erik Bruner-Yang of Maketto in Washington DC


Sharp & Hot

Episode #121: Clodagh McKenna (3/15/16)

Hosted by Emily Peterson

With guest Clodagh McKenna, Irish chef and TV personality


All in the Industry

Episode #100: Danny Meyer (3/16/16)

Hosted by Shari Bayer

With guest Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group


The Breakdown:

A guest or caller from around the industry joins the show to talk about their recent work.

Jack and Erin speak with Kerry Diamond, co-founder of Cherry Bombe and co-host of Radio Cherry Bombe. Kerry tells us about the upcoming Jubilee Conference, a day-long event featuring female chefs and tastemakers that “brings Cherry Bombe to life.” This year marks the third year of Jubilee, which takes place on April 10, 2016 at the High Line Hotel in Manhattan. The event will focus on women in food with featured panels and discussion that address a variety of issues and opportunities that exist in the food world, as well as a lunch by Dig Inn.



Jack and Erin “big up” people, places, and things they're totally digging right now.

JACK: His girlfriend, Odetta Hartman. They will be performing at The Townsend tonight, March 18, as part of SXSW!

ERIN: Jacqueline Raposo, host of Love Bites, who hosted an inspiring and entertaining episode this week about why we are still single with chef Daniel Holzman from The Meatball Shop.