Check your privilege at the door! Nathaniel Coburn is talking with Just Food Conference 2013 workshop leader Marian Isel Barragan. Marian is a holistic healer through Marian Isel Wellness, and a community chef for Just Food. Tune into this segment to hear about Marian's upcoming workshop that will address white privilege in the food system. Hear how Mariana incorporates poetry and theater to touch on subjects that involve a lot of emotions, such as racism. Listen in to hear Mariana speak to the power of grassroots, person-to-person connection, and what she hopes to accomplish through cooking with Just Food. This segment has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center.


"Just because you have a good intention, that doesn't mean that there isn't a certain consequence that comes with white privilege." [10:10]

"Life is very hard for immigrants, and there's a lot that makes up what's going on their plate." [12:50]

-- Marian Isel Barragan, Just Food Conference 2013