This week on Just Food Stories, Jacquie Berger gets the urban farming scoop from Heather Horgan, Markets and Outreach Coordinator for East New York Farms. Find out how Heather's commitment to social justice brought her to work in sustainable food. Hear how why Heather is particularly interested in working with marginalized communities, and how access to good food helps alleviate social problems. Learn about the East New York Farms market and the producers that work in the East New York Farms garden plots! What special products are grown at East New York Farms? Find out on this week's edition of Just Food Stories! This program has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Music by Idgy Dean.


"The interconnectedness between housing, food justice, safety on the streets - they're all related to how we live and thrive in New York City." [4:45]

-- Heather Horgan on Just Food Stories