This week on Just Food Stories, Jacquie brings Jen Wittlin and Qiana Mickie in to talk about CSA. Qiana Mickie's journey with Just Food began in 2011 when she took the Community Advocate training course. The experience inspired her to engage with community members around the city and the North East region to learn more about the Farm Bill, its effect on our daily lives, and offer ways to advocate for more fair and equitable policies. Qiana joined the Just Food staff as the CSA Program Associate in the spring of 2013. Throughout her career, Qiana has followed her passion to work and volunteer with organizations that are committed to improving lives. Jen Wittlin is entering her third year as a core group member for the Sunset Park CSA and her fourth year as a CSA member. She loves spreading the word about the availability of fresh local vegetables in the Sunset Park community and is invested in finding ways to make them accessible to all families, regardless of income. She also works as a social worker at the Center for Family Life, a program of SCO Family of Services, in Sunset Park. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. Thanks to The California Honeydrops.


"Those trips [to the farms] have been the most incredible for me to see how the members are able to connect." [25:40]

Jen Wittlin on Just Food Stories