WORD OF MOUTH is back this week as host Leiti Hsu shares a clip with her time spent with Anthony Bourdain talking whisky, 3-D printing, and his daughter's favorite food before welcoming in studio guest Justin Smillie to the show.  Justin shares his path through childhood as well as the New York food scene, having mentored at Jonathan Waxman's Barbuto where he cultivated his Italian cooking, later incorporating Japanese bases like dashi into the mix.  Currently, his unique style is housed at Upland in NYC and has recently released the book "Slow Fires: Mastering New Ways to Braise, Roast, and Grill."  Tune in for a great show!


"When I really found my soul as a cook was when I started cooking Italian." [17:15]

"You have to cook the thing you love and the thing you are in touch with. I never put anything on the menu or explore anything that I don't want to eat myself.  That's the first portion in making something craveable." [18:00]

--Justin Smillie on WORD OF MOUTH