On the season premiere of The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks returns to hosting duties! She sits down with Kamal Mouzawak, who started Souk el Tayeb, the first farmer’s market in Beirut, Lebanon.

Souk el Tayeb promotes unity around a common respect for food, land, and agricultural traditions. It aims to preserve food traditions and the culture of small farming in Lebanon, to protect the interests of the small farmers and producers and to enable them to compete with industrial and globalized food trade. The literal translation of Souk el Tayeb means “the good market” – both good in taste and character.


“Life is not just about figures. And for me, corporate America is very much just about that…it’s not about just what you make, it’s about what you bring to life, and it’s about what you give back to life.” [38:20] – Kamal Mouzawak