This week on The Morning After, hosts Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin welcome winemaker Kris Matthewson of Bellwether Wine Cellars for some crazy food news including the Pope, Pizza Rat, and Burger King's new flame-grilled Whopper Wine!  Explaining what vineyard life is like in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, Kris shares that Bellwether produces 1500 cases of wine a year, focusing solely on varietals that are best suited for the Finger Lakes region, including Riesling and Pinot Noir. Now in the harvest season, he is in the process of painstakingly sorting and soaking the grapes for weeks to ensure the perfect quality and flavors.  Tune in to hear Kris relay his dedication to the region he calls home plus find out how he does on The Morning After Quiz!

"I think to go out on a limb you have to know how to climb first. You have to be able to ferment something clean and do it well before you can do some radical thing." [18:00]

--Kris Matthewson on The Morning After