Dating is hard enough, and we all bring baggage into new relationships. For some, baggage comes in the form of an illness that leaves you with little power over how your body moves in the world.

On today's show, Jacqueline and Ben are joined by Allie Cashel and Erica Lupinacci, the co-founders of Suffering the Silence, an online community supporting the struggles of millions of Americans who live with chronic illnesses like Lyme disease, Lupus, Crohn's disease and others. They discuss the basics of their experiences, how their struggles and triumphs have affected their relationships of all sorts, and what they wish healthy people knew about how to communicate with those who have long-term illnesses.

Then, the team is joined via phone by Chef Ariane Resnick. Chef Ariane healed her late-stage Lyme disease and chemical poisoning primarily through holistic methods, and now uses her healthful, healing recipes to help her clients live their fullest, most robust lives possible. How did her experience with Lyme affect her physically-demanding career? What insight does she have now that has made her better at her job? And what has she learned about healing foods that all of us can use to our benefit?

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"I work with people on creating a more positive relationship with food, and I work with them on how to listen to their bodies, in terms of what they're craving and what they can properly utilize. I've found that that leads to a lot more healing than simply telling people, this food is good for this condition, because we're just too individual for that." [32:05] – Chef Ariane Resnick