Jimmy talks (and drinks) lagers with Svend Lindbaek from Millerton’s Svendale Brewing Co., Pete Lengyel from Bushwick’s KCBC Brewing, and Jeff Lyons and Alex Biedermann of Greenpoint’s Keg & Lantern Brewing. They cover New York state malts and hops, secret German brewing methods, the virtues and vices of Rolling Rock, Danish beer culture, and who’s putting lagers in barrels.

Beer List:
Keg & Lantern’s Stolen Valor, Bohemian Pilsner
Keg & Lantern’s Nelson Helles, Pale Helles Lager
Keg & Lantern’s Stop Whispering, Dortmunder Lager
KCBC’s Luna Lupulus, Keller Marzen (collaboration with Jack’s Abby)
Svendale’s Same Thing, Keller Marzen
Svendale’s Born too Loose, Unfiltered Lager

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