Rebel with a culinary cause, Justin Warner, sits down with Cathy Erway this week on Eat Your Words chatting his unique flavor theories, highlights from his book The Laws of Cooking and How to break Them, plus thoughts on the local, sustainable food scene.  Justin goes on to explain that beyond providing boundary-pushing recipes to readers, he encourages positive experimentation in the kitchen and that this tends to be a great learning experience.  What are some of his notable kitchen blunders?  How does Justin tweak with the traditional holiday fare?  Tune in for this great show!

"The culture of 'foodie-ism' and media in general... I think we've all realized that, hey, restaurants are starting to make food for press and not food... and that's kinda a sad thing but that's what it takes to get New Yorkers into your restaurant." [7:30]

"Food needs to sustain us and the world around it and the second your slap a name on it becomes she-she." [21:15]

--Justin Warner on Eat Your Words