On today’s episode of Animal Instinct, guest Dr. Patricia C. Wright talks about her work studying wild lemurs in Madagascar. Dr. Wright is a Distinguished Professor at Stony Brook University, NY, and a founder of the Centre ValBio Research Station in Madagascar, a "green" sustainable hub of research, environmental arts, village community health, education and economics. She has discovered a new species of lemur, spearheaded a national park World Heritage Site, won three medals of honor from the Malagasy government, been awarded the Indianapolis Prize for Animal Conservation ("Nobel Prize" for conservation), received a MacArthur Genius Award. Her work is featured in the IMAX film "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar" and Anthony Bourdain's CCN TV show Parts Unknown. Her most recent books are "High Moon Over the Amazon" and "For the Love of Lemurs: my life in the wilds of Madagascar. As the first animals to arrive in Madagascar, lemurs play an important role in dispersing seeds and pollinating flowers, making them indispensable to the evolution of that ecosystem.


“I just couldn’t let those animals go extinct, they’re so beautiful.” [30:30] – Dr. Patricia Wright