Farina Wong Kingsley joins Cathy Erway in the studio for another episode of Let's Eat In. Farina is the author of several Asian-inspired cookbooks through William Sonoma, and recently came out with her first cooking app called Farina's Asian Pantry! Tune in to hear about the reasoning behind creating a cooking app as opposed to a traditional print cookbook. Farina explains why she never focuses on a specific regional cuisine when composing her delicious Asian recipes. Create your own fusion dishes using some of her helpful tips. Learn the proper way to crush lemongrass, or how a little palm sugar can sweeten up any dish. Hear about Farina's love of ramen and dumplings, and her ideal date meal! This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.



"I don't see Asian food as a trend. What we're seeing now are cuisines that are a part of everyday cooking. People love the flavors, it's healthy, and it's becoming more approachable; people don't see it as take out food anymore." -- Farina Wong Kingsley on Let's Eat In