So, you know Cathy Erway as the host of Let's Eat In, but did you know that she also makes some delicious and creative hot dogs? On this week's episode of Let's Eat In, Cathy is talking with Kara Masi, the organizer of The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, taking place in the Pfizer Building on Saturday, July 21st. Cathy has participated in the event for several years, making sushi hotdogs, and buns out of cucumbers. Tune in to hear Cathy and Kara discuss the origins of the event in Kara's backyard in Fort Greene, and how the event grew to be a Brooklyn summer institution that consistently raises money for charity. Don't listen to this episode if you're hungry, because Cathy and Kara talk about some of the more eccentric (but scrumptious) hot dogs from past years' cookoffs. Kara also talks about her history with underground supper clubs, and lists some of the Brooklyn-centric vendors at this year's hot dog event. If you're in Brooklyn this Saturday, you definitely don't want to miss the 7th annual Great Hot Dog Cookoff! This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"The chefs are really the soul of the event because they get to use their creativity, and that's what makes it so exciting- and allows us to raise a lot of money for the Food Bank for New York City." -- Kara Masi on Let's Eat In