This week, Cathy Erway is chatting with Arthur Potts Dawson- chef, restauranteur, and cookbook author- on Let's Eat In. Arthur has just finished a cookbook entitled Eat Your Vegetables, and it promotes just what the name implies. Tune in to hear Arthur and Cathy talk about the importance of eating seasonal, and why meat should not be the centerpiece of any diet. Arthur also touches on some of the problems with the commercial meat industry, such as the use of preventative antibiotics. Also, hear about how Arthur was inspired by the Park Slope Food Coop to create The People's Supermarket in the U.K. Learn about some of Arthur's restaurants abroad, his affinity for upcycling, and some of his upcoming sustainability projects. Of course, don't forget to tune in to hear about Arthur's perfect date meal! This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.


"Pay a little bit more attention to your body, and pay a little more attention to the season. Each season will deliver you a different vegetable and a different experience."

"People, as foragers... we foraged on the seashores before we foraged in the forests!"

-- Arthur Potts Dawson on Let's Eat In