On this week's episode of Let's Eat In, Cathy Erway is talking Indian cuisine with Chitra Agrawal, founder of The ABCD's of Cooking blog. Tune into this episode to learn the difference between North and South Indian cooking, and why Chitra has become a crusader specifically for South Indian cuisine. Cathy and Chitra are collaborating on a South Indian Cider Harvest Dinner at Jimmy's No. 43 on October 15th; find out what's on the menu! What is Chitra cooking with her fall CSA share this month? Find out how South Indian dishes can be adapted using local ingredients from the Mid Atlantic. Finally, what would Chitra cook for her ideal date? This episode has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


"Using local ingredients is not novel to Indian cooking." 4:11

"There's not a lot of visibility for Indian chefs... The popularity of Indian food is growing, and I think that will affect the personalities that we see cooking it." 21:30

-- Chitra Agrawal on Let's Eat In