Promoting books is hard work! Meredith Modzelewski and Robin Shulman are guests on today’s Let’s Eat In, and they’re talking about book clubs and author events. Cathy Erway talks with Meredith, who is on today’s show representing Togather, a new tool that helps authors connect directly with readers to produce better, fansourced events. Robin, author of Eat the City, will be participating in a Togather event where she will talk about her book with an interested audience! Tune in to hear Robin talk about the research involved with crafting her book, and the excitement that comes with knowing that her book is being read. You don’t want to miss this episode; tune into Let’s Eat In! This program has been sponsored by 360 Cookware.


“There are so many different things converging, so many people are interested in local food production, but my book tries to show that this has been a constant throughout the history of the city.” [12:00]

Robin Shulman on Let’s Eat In