Matthew Bagdanoff updates traditional cocktails with herbs and ingenuity at Van Horn in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. On today's episode of Let's Eat In, Matthew joins Cathy Erway in the studio to talk about some of his favorite cocktail recipes at Van Horn, and why a good bartender doesn't muddle the orange peel and cherry in an old fashioned. What are some of Matthew's favorite spirits? Hear Matthew share some stories from the bar; listen in to learn how Matthew has soothed heartbroken individuals, and dealt with rowdy customers! Check out Matthew's cocktail class at Van Horn, and tune in to hear about Matthew's aphrodisiac dinner! This episode has been sponsored by 360 Cookware.


"The whole beauty of an old-fashioned is that it takes a good spirit and accentuates it." [11:10]

"The idea of spirits is to have an essence- a spirit. Vodka is made to get rid of all these flavors." [14:00]

"It's really tacky to send someone a drink." [21:00]

-- Matthew Bagdanoff on Let's Eat In