Everybody searches for recipes online these days, but how can you be sure you're getting quality recipes? Find out this week on Let's Eat In, as Cathy Erway is joined by Victor Penev and Hannah Goldberg founders of Edamam, a recipe finder in the form of a mobile app and database. Hear how quality can be distilled from the thousands of online recipes through the careful selection process they use. From food photography to innovative ingredients, get a grasp on what makes the best recipes so good - and why you should not waste your time by clicking the first thing you find in google! This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market


"A lot of people make choices on what to cook on the go - so we developed a mobile app. In essence, it's a search engine for recipes." [03:00]

--Victor Penev of Edamam on Let's Eat In

"We focused a lot on recipes with images because people tend to eat with their eyes." [09:00]

--Hannah Goldberg of Edamam on Let's Eat In