This week on Let's Get Real host Erica Wides interviews Sayre Piotrkowski and Collin McDonnell for a conversation all about how foodiness and beer have intertwined. Erica, Sayre, and Collin discuss how, just like the wine industry has evolved since the 70s, beer seems to be on the same track. How do we tell the difference between people who are doing beer the right way, and people who just want to get there piece of a new trend? Who can we really trust in the world of brew? All this week on Let's Get Real. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard and Winery.

"There is a lot of great literature if you want to learn how to brew...unfortunately most of it is faux craft." [14:00]

You are being manipulated by the packaging, its telling you what to by...with beer the experience is mitigated by someone like me...thats where the role of the critic or curmudgeon comes in handy." [17:00]

-- Sayre Piotrkowski and Collin McDonnell