Did you know that more than half of America's kids are chronically dehydrated? Yup. Know why? Foodiness drinks; like Sporty-Ade and Crappi-Sun pouches, and Juicee-Boxes...and regular and diet sodas, all contribute to fat, sick, and dehydrated kids. Kids who may very well grow up to vote for TED CRUZ! Or even worse! Wait, what's worse than Ted Cruz?
Listen to find out, on a live, hydrated, and in full living color Let's Get Real!

"Water creates life. We are water. However you want to define life - it's all about water. We can't deny that science. So how did we get so far away from it? How did we spurn it so intensely and intentionally? How did we get so far away from our need for water?" [27:00]

--Erica Wides on Let's Get Real