This week on Let's Get Real host Erica Wides dissects the mythology behind vegetarian/veganism and the people, like Oprah, who say that it is a "greener" and healthier living style. It's time to break down the barriers behind the vegan-foodiness paradox: we like meat but we don't want to eat it so we eat food that is so heavily processed to taste like meat it ends up being just as bad. So tune in and wake up as to how you can still be healthy and avoid this foodiness rabbithole that our decadent, choice-indulged society has created--it just may take a little extra work. This episode is sponsored by The Hearst Ranch.

"It's a processed experience . . vegan foodiness is like methadone. . it approximates the heroin or meat eating experience but it does not fulfill . . .so you keep going back."

--Erica Wides on Let's Get Real