So now that you most certainly have orthorexia nervosa, Erica Wides finally tells you about something that's safe to eat- ketchup! On this episode of Let's Get Real, Erica explains why America's favorite condiments - ketchup and mustard- are actually good for you. Tune in to hear about the rich history of ketchup, as well as the many alterations that have been made to the condiment over the years. Erica also talks about some new players in the condiment game- salsa and Siracha. Guess what? They're safe to eat, too! But ketchup was not completely able to escape the clutches of foodiness. Instant gratification has placed it in plastic bottles and Dip & Squeeze pouches. So even though your ketchup might be in ridiculous containers, it's OK to eat a little. The question is, what's left to put it on? This episode has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.



"I say if you're going to eat a lot of ketchup, go for the organic because ketchup is a concentrate. And why concentrate all of those pesticides into your food?" -- Erica Wides on Let's Get Real