This past weekend, Let's Get Real host Erica Wides stumbled upon some wild blueberries while hiking, and was stunned by the flavor! Do the fruits that we eat actually contain the flavors that they're supposed to harbor, or has foodiness diluted them to the point that they've lost their...fruitiness? Erica also talks about artificial flavoring, and how the average American palate has come to expect fruit to taste like candy. Erica also talks about the essence of fruit that does not exist in vegetables, meat, dairy, etc. Hear about how the pursuit of fresh fruit has driven Erica to do some pretty sneaky deeds! Finally, Erica uses her 'Six Degrees of Foodiness' scale to show you how an apple can turn into corn syrup-filled pastry mess. This episode has been brought to you by Whole Foods.


"Talk about being so far down the foodiness rabbit hole- we can't even identify the flavor of a real fruit when we stumble upon it the wild! They've taken the real flavor out of fruit and put it into bars and drinks and gum and Go-gurt and vodka where it doesn't synchronize with its surroundings and its totally out of context." -- Erica Wides on Let's Get Real