What "food" product do Americans spend 2.7 billion dollars on per year? Gum! This week on Let's Get Real, Erica Wides is crusading against gum. It doesn't provide nourishment, and it's filled with toxic chemicals; why are we so drawn to gum? Find out how gum has evolved in our society from being a treat to a performance enhancer. Hear about the social history of gum, and how the stigma of chewing gum has dissolved. Performance-enhancing gum cannot hydrate an athlete, and caffeine-infused gum cannot replace sleep! Learn more about the twitsted marketing of gum on this week's episode of Let's Get Real! Thanks to our sponsor, Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"Gum makes you hungrier because it stimulates your salivary glands and tells your brain that food is coming!" [8:05]

-- Erica Wides on Let's Get Real