On this week's episode of Let's Get Real, Erica Wides is talking about how foodiness is invading New York City neighborhoods and stripping them of all culture and personality. Hear how Chelsea has evolved since the mid-80s, and how greenwashing has infiltrated the minds of the liberal elite in so many New York City neighborhoods. Do you think that nine dollars is reasonable for sixteen ounces of juice? And how can lasagna be "raw" and "vegan"? Erica is crusading for real food! Hear how "raw" and "vegan" establishments like Organic Avenue compare to places like Forager's Market. Hear how neighborhoods have been sterilized by foodiness vendors, and why the people who work at these places have become androgynous. Don't eat sh*t, and don't support it, either! Listen to Let's Get Real! This episode has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market.