On this episode, host Jenna Liut and associate producer Taylor Lanzet discuss the USDA’s proposed changes for retailers participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (or, SNAP). This program is the largest in the domestic hunger safety net and over 44 million Americans rely on it. According to the USDA, as of September 2015 over 250,000 firms were authorized to participate in SNAP. Recently, the USDA released its proposal to require retailers to supply a wider variety of healthy and whole foods for SNAP recipients, which has been met with a great deal of resistance. Joining us on the line today to dig into the details of the USDA’s proposal, what the response to it has been and what it means for the people relying on the program is Chuck Abbott, editor of Ag Insider published by the Food and Environment Reporting Network, who has covered food and agriculture policy in Washington for three decades. Later in the show we will be joined by Tri Tran, Co-Founder & CEO of Munchery, a meal service delivery company and our featured startup of the week.

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