The guests of the hour are Daniel Isengart and Francisco Migoya! Both men have combined a deep love of art with their culinary aspirations, and have truly unique perspectives on cooking, eating, and creating.

Daniel Isengart is the author of The Art of Gay Cooking, a literary appropriation of The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, that includes a foreword by Jeremiah Tower, the legendary Godfather of California Cuisine. Isengart was born in Munich, Germany and raised in France. Since his NYC stage debut in 1994 (in Tina Landau’s Stonewall – Night Variations), he has become a specialist in the intimate performance style of the cabaret genre.

Francisco Migoya, head chef of Modernist Cuisine and co-author of Modernist Bread: The Art and Science, grew up in Mexico City surrounded by the cultures of his parents: Italian-American and Spanish. Chef Migoya’s first calling, however, was not culinary school but art school, where he planned on studying painting, drawing and sculpture. Encouraged by a friend, he acquired a staging position in a Mexico City hotel at age 16. Migoya quickly realized that the kitchen was where he belonged.

Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America.

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