We're LIVE at the No Farms No Food Rally! Tune in as Mariana Cotlear checks in with HRN's Executive Director, Erin Fairbanks, who is at the rally pushing hard for protecting our farmland in New York State. Find out what the day has been like and how all the participants are putting Democracy into action! Learn more about American Farmland Trust at Farmland.org. This update was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.


"It's great to have such a diversity of people at the table and the officials offices have been very receptive." [4:00]

"There's a real shift in understanding on the issues. Folks are more familiar with the concepts and have stories they want to share from their districts." [05:00]

--Erin Fairbanks, Executive Director of HeritageRadioNetwork.org at the No Farms No Food Rally