Join Vallery and Ethan for a conversation with Loren Cardeli, Founder and President of A Growing Culture, an organization that promotes ecological agriculture across the globe. Loren believes the key to fixing our food system lies in giving farmers a prominent seat at the table–a seat that is currently threatened by the industrialization of agriculture. Through his work at AGC, Loren promotes farmer-led research, innovation, and knowledge sharing, helping farmers throughout the world create sustainable, self-driving futures. AGC is now working to expand the impact of this process of documentation and information exchange by creating the Library for Food Sovereignty (LFS)–an online platform for agrarian intellectual exchange that seeks to collectivize innovation and democratize farmer-led research. AGC’s goal is to create a living repository for and by farmers who will use their collective knowledge to reinvent our food systems, facilitating virtual connections to previously unreachable peers across the globe.



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