Adrian Miller is a 'recovering' lawyer, soul food scholar, and former special assistant to President Clinton and today joins Linda Pelaccio on A Taste of the Past. Explaining that after President Clinton's second term, he found himself with extra time on his hands and ended up spending the next decade or so researching soul food.  Specifically commenting on macaroni and cheese, Adrian shares how it began as a food fit for royalty dating back to the 1300s.  From royalty to US Presidents, soul food has consistently had a place on the White House dinner table and Adrian goes on to recall tales of the influential African American chefs featured throughout presidential history.  Tune in for a great episode!

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"I found out that every president in the United States has had an African American cooking for them in some capacity." [15:00

"We want a personal connection with our president, and before security was increased, you would not believe the tons of food sent to the White House." [21:15]

--Adrian Miller on A Taste of the Past