This week on The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks is talking grain with some of the folks who know it best from the Maine Grain Alliance plus author of "The New Bread Basket," Amy Holloran.  Speaking with President of the Maine Grain Alliance, Amber Lambke, head miller, Erik LeVine, and Matthew DuBois, owner of The Bankery, Erin brings up the topic of ancient grains being the next "it" food item to join the ranks of artisan coffee and kale, according to recent media claims.  What would it take to reinvigorate local grain economies?  How is grain season looking this year? What are the ancient grains that are making a come back?  Tune in for answers and to hear from Amy Holloran with highlights from her new book on this very topic.

"I think grains are sexy right now and part of that is coming from the fact that... I think it's new to the consciousness of folks that care about where their food comes from, that grains could come from their regions too."  [4:18]

--Amber Lambke on The Farm Report