This week's featured farmer: Mark Ressl

Mark studied architecture in New York City focussing on restructuring the relationships among designers, builders, clients, and communities. He also travelled through the Midwest on foot studying historic routes and community redevelopments of post industrial America. Last year he joined the Long Spoon Collective, a group committed to making social change through mutual altruism. The LSC recognizes that the resources we need to build sustainable infrastructure and a viable society are already in our community if only we learn to share effectively.

This year, Ressl spear headed the collective's Food Share project. The Saugerties Food Share is a bi-weekly "free farmers market" located at the collective's model off-grid community garden. The community garden acts as a distribution center for extra produce from local gardens. Additionally it is an educational center to learn growing, foraging and processing techniques. Currently Ressl is leading the project of recruiting local residents to transform their lawns into gardens which will all contribute to the food share next year. Ultimately the goal of this work is to create active participants in a local, fossil fuel free, moneyless food infrastructure.