Vermouth by the glass? That's what Atsby is aiming for with their line of small-batch artisanal vermouths. Re-imagine the fortified wine as Kathline Cherry chats with Adam Ford, founder of Atsby Vermouth on a special program in anticipation of the 2013 Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Find out how the European and American markets are so different for vermouth, and what makes Atsby such a unique spirit. Tune in as Kathline conducts an on-air tastings and Adam walks listeners through a deeper understanding of vermouth. This program was sponsored by Rt 11 Potato Chips.

"Most Americans think of vermouth as a modifier, something that you'd add to a Martini or a Manhattan. Most European producers export to America for mixing. Ours are meant to be drank on their own." [02:00]

--Adam Ford of Atsby Vermouth