We're gearing up for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, and today we check in with bartender extraordinaire Jason Littrell of The Jaywalk and Analog. Jason has bartended at some of the best spots in NYC including Death & Co and Dram, and gives some insight into how he got started in the business and what he's working on now. Find out what's in store for his Single Malt Tour in Williamsburg and what advice he has for first-timers at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. This program was sponsored by Rt 11 Potato Chips.

"The reason I'm a bartender is because I was a sucky drummer" [2:45]

"The concept of complex being better is on its way out. People are focusing more and more on service rather than being obnoxiously creative." [7:45]

--Jason Littrell of The Jaywalk and Analog on HeritageRadioNetwork.org