Very few couples will ever get to say they've made it to sixty-nine years of marriage. As we explore how to find and maintain loving relationships of all sorts here on Love Bites, it seems only fitting that when we have one of those couples at hand, we ask them how they did it.

Pasquale and Hansine D'Ambrosio have been married since 1948. On today's show, they sit down with one of their nine grandchildren -- your humble co-host Jacqueline -- to share a little of the wisdom they've gleaned in their nine decades on this planet. As this is the third in our Me & You series, they speak one at a time, answering just a few simple questions about what they know to be true about love. And as this series is designed so that our hosts answer some questions in return, Jacqueline shares back what her grandparents have taught her about love, too.

Pat and Hansine D'Ambrosio