New York Rye Week inspired Beer Sessions to look to another unique New York State farm beverage: mead! Jimmy hosts Raphael Lyon and Patrick Dacy. Lyon is the founder of Enlightenment Wines Meadery and Honey’s Brooklyn. Dacy is the owner of Duke’s Liquor Box, an early retailer of Lyon’s meads. Although mead is often associated with ‘dungeons and dragons’ given its roots with vikings in Northern Europe, meads are made around the world and range in flavor from bitter to sweet, floral to herbal. Some meads resemble table wine whiles others mix well in cocktails. Lyon and Dacy delve deep into how meads are made and discuss the pull between tradition and experimentation. Dacy has always valued the story behind the products he sells and his partnership with Lyon came naturally. The two have plans to collaborate on mead cocktails in the near future. If you want more background on NY State Grains & Rye, make sure to check out Beer Sessions Episode 409, wherever you get your podcasts!


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