This episode of HRN On Tour brings you four interviews from Good Food Mercantile in Brooklyn, New York. These four makers are bringing innovative ideas and creative perspectives to traditional and ingredients.

Shae Whitney of DRAM
DRAM Apothecary is a flavor and CBD infused sparkling water brand based out of Salida Colorado. Oscar Simone spoke with co-founder Shae Whitney to hear about their products, hands on operation and use of real plant based flavorings as opposed to the commonly misnomered “natural flavorings”.

Morsinah Katimin of Sajen
Morsinah Katimin is the creator of Sarjen Inc., A San Francisco based, Indonesian inspired line of naturally healing Jamu drinks and delicious Sambal hot sauces. She sat down with Oscar Simone to talk a bit about the flavors and ingredients in these products which can be traced back to Indonesian and South East Asian traditions as well as their centuries-old medicinal history.

Natasha Bailey of Green Dirt Farm
Natasha Bailey is the director of marketing and sales at The Green Dirt Farm, a small sheep milk cheese maker focused on creating the highest possible quality of product by valuing every step of production from the dirt, the grass, the sheep, the milk and finally: the cheese.

Donna Moodie of Ms. Marjorie's Steel Drum Plantains
After Ms. Marjorie restaurant’s plantain chips received so much love from their customers, Donna Moodie decided it was time to start sharing her crunchy, tasty and naturally gluten free snack with the rest of the world. Oscar Simone got to chat with Donna about how Ms. Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantains continues to operate out of the restaurant with a familial team and thoughtfulness when it comes to packaging and presentation, as well as some darn good plantain chips.

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