This episode of HRN On Tour brings you three interviews from Good Food Mercantile in Brooklyn, New York. These four makers are bringing innovative ideas and creative perspectives to traditional and ingredients and materials.

Heidi Barr of The Kitchen Garden Series
Hannah Fordin sat down with Heidi Barr, the creator of The Kitchen Garden Series and some beautiful products to talk about how she started out as a costume designer while making linen kitchen products on the side, why linen is such a great textile because of its surprising antimicrobial properties and ideal fit as kitchen and garden product as well as the necessary mindset change when it comes to artisan handmade products and profit margins.

Caroline Pam and Tim Wilcox of Kitchen Garden Farm
What started out as a small, one acre organic vegetable farm has now grown into a 50 acre farm and hot sauce/salsa production center. Caroline Pam and Tim Wilcox of the Kitchen Garden Farm spoke to HRN about growing their business and how they capturing the flavors and freshness of the vegetables they grow by fermentation smoking to create some truly delicious products.

Mike Koch and Pablo Solanet of Firefly Farms
Hannah Fordin sat down with the founders of Firefly Farms; Mike Koch and Pablo Solanet to talk a bit about their award winning products, how they learned to make cheese and the mistakes that came with, the positives of running both the manufacturing and retail components of a business as well as why they love the Good Food Mercantile!

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