Welcome to the first episode of Meet Your Maker, hosted by Rachel Wharton. Rachel is deputy editor at Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn, and she's out meeting the people behind all of the food that we eat. On this episode, Rachel sits down with Keith Cohen, owner of Orwasher's Bakery in the Upper East Side. Tune in to hear about Keith's start in baking, and why he decided to purchase Orwasher's. Hear about the breadmaking processes used at Orwasher's, the importance of creating unique artisan breads, and why consistency is important for a wholesale baking business. Rachel and Keith eat some of the breads from the bakery, including the Ultimate Whole Wheat and the Ale Bread (featuring yeast from Sixpoint). Keith also talks about the resurgence of local wheat in the New York market. This episode has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.


"These bigger loaves, which last longer, were more viable for the nuclear family." -- Keith Cohen on old-style European baking, Meet Your Maker

"While everyone loves an artisan product, they still want a very consistent product." -- Keith Cohen on Meet Your Maker