This week's guest on Meet Your Maker is Zach Pickens, farmer at Riverpark and founder of Rooftop Ready Seeds. Tune in to hear host Rachel Wharton ask about the origins of Zach's interest in farming and gardening, and how he came up with the idea for Rooftop Ready Seeds. Zach selects seed stock that he finds to thrive inside of containers or window boxes. Zach explains how to harvest and dry seeds from different varieties of fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, collard greens, and spinach. Did you know that tomato seeds need to ferment before you can try to germinate them? Hear more about what Zach's growing at Riverpark, as well as the plants that are sprouting up in his own rooftop garden! Todays program was sponsored by TriState Merchant Services, Inc.

"If you're starting with better seed for this environment, then more people are going to be gardening."

"Growing containers are a really unique medium for growing plants... The whole container is going to be full of roots, so you need plants that can take swells of watering."

-- Zach Pickens on Meet Your Maker