On this week's episode of Meet Your Maker, co-host John Taggart once again takes over for Rachel Wharton, and he's sitting down in the studio with Simon Glenn. Simon is known for his New Orleans-style food at Tchoup Shop, and is currently the Executive Chef at Dean Street in Prospect Heights. Tune in to learn how Simon went from using Dean Street as a prep kitchen for Tchoup Shop, to becoming the chef at the restaurant. Hear about Simon's inspiration for his biscuits. (Hint: they're influenced by a New Orleans fast food chain!) Hear why the oyster industry suffered in Long Island after the BP Oil Spill, despite the spill being hundreds of miles away. Simon talks about some of his newer sandwich recipes, and Tchoup Shop's expansion to Bushwick! This episode has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.



"That's always been the best part about Tchoup Shop- it's that interaction with the guest and taking away the kitchen walls and seeing the people eat and enjoying the food and being able to serve food that's extremely flavorful at a little bit of a lower price point than you'd expect. We over-deliver." [14:30]

-- Simon Glenn on Meet Your Maker